Researcher position available! – An engineer in hydrogen cracking technologies and systems

The position offered concerns the study of hydrogen cracking from methane-rich mixtures. The candidate is expected to provide support to:

  • Analysis of biogas and biomethane cracking techniques and acquisition of advanced specific skills on the same processes. 
  • Design and construction of a prototype reactor (laboratory scale) for biogas and biomethane cracking. 
  • Carrying out experimental cracking tests with analysis of the products: solid carbon (for use in other sectors: rubber, inks…) and gaseous phase (in particular, the composition in H2 and light hydrocarbons will be measured: C1, C2, C3 ). 
  • Writing of technical reports, consultancy, and collaborative activity on grant proposals.

More information is available at the following link.

The deadline for application is May 31, 2023.

Dr. Matteo Testi (FBK – Centre on Sustainable Energy)